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Can i get my girlfriend birth control

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The Ohio State University. Q : I was previously on birth control for almost 2 years and in the middle of April I stopped taking birth control pills. At the begining of June I started back on birth control again. Is it safe to have protected sex now with just the pill and without using another form of birth control, or do I have to wait an entire month after starting on birth control?


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How soon are you safe after starting birth control pills

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FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. How to get birth control for my girlfriend? I am 20, she is We live in Texas. Her parents are opposed to her getting birth control, for religious reasons, and so she does not want to go through her family doctor. Is there any affordable, private, and preferably legal way for me to purchase birth control pills for her?

We would prefer, if possible, to avoid lengthy doctor's appointments or clinic visits. I have heard we could go to a planned parenthood center but I don't know if her age, or her wish to not involve her parents, would be an issue. I realize there have been numerous birth control related questions asked in the past, but none seemed to address my issues.

Apologies if this repeats a previous question. Q If I'm under 18 and want to obtain contraception, do I need my parents' permission and if not, will they find out that I'm using birth control?

A Currently, there are no laws in any state, including New York State, that require parental consent or notification if someone under the age of 18 wants to get birth control. Birth control is a serious medication, involving large doses of hormones to interfere with the body's natural cycles. I think planned parenthood is a good idea, but they are going to want you to come in and talk to someone before they prescribe anything for you.

It also looks like many of the Planned Parenthood offices in Texas have their own webpages. Because contraception is a serious medical issue for young women, and because, as a guy, you'd hate to get the pelvic exam, instead of her Paulsc, pelvic exams are not required for hormonal contraception , although many doctors still do them as a matter of course.

But yes, go to Planned Parenthood. This is their specialty. I know others are going to disagree with me, but I say that if you have to, you could also buy the pill on the internet for her from a site such as unfertilizeit. This is legal: a doctor takes her health history and gives her a real prescription. However, it's much more expensive than going to Planned Parenthood, and you want to be sure she understands how to take the pill correctly.

Planned Parenthood currently offers presciptions for the pill over the internet in Washington State, but you have to be a resident there to use the service. Birth control pills do not "involve large doses of hormones" anymore. They are very safe, especially for a healthy 17 year old. Certainly safer than pregnancy. Although the hormone level is much lower than in the past, the Pill is still a medication that shouldn't be taken without some kind of medical advice and subsequent monitoring. The Pill can cause or exacerbate conditions including but not limited to : thrombophlebitis pulmonary embolism mesenteric thrombosis cerebral hemorrhage hypertension gall bladder disease It also shouldn't be taken be smokers due to the increased risk for blood clots or by persons with certain medical conditions.

And to respond to Violet Hour's comment above, although I can't speak to the legitimacy of that particular site, there are widespread problems related to the use of Internet pharmacies -- particularly those with "doctors" who take your medical history and issue prescriptions.

Melimelo, those conditions are very real threats, but they would be highly unusual in such a young woman except for perhaps hypertension, and it's not all that hard to check blood pressure. It's unfortunate, but I doubt a physician would be able to predict the other complications from a standard examination. Smoking is bad for you, but smoking while on the pill is only absolutely prohibited if you are over 35, and the OP's girlfriend is My point is that the health risks associated with the pill are lower than those associated with pregnancy.

For example, you are more likely to get a blood clot from pregnancy than the pill, and in fact pulmonary embolism is the most frequent cause of death associated with childbirth. Planned Parenthood is the way to go. She will need to have an exam which is a good thing since she is having sex and they will help her decide which type of birth control to use. There are other options besides the pill. She may consider joining something like a livejournal community that is about the type of contraception she is will be on.

Her body may go through changes mood swings, weight gain, etc that she will want to discuss with someone. She is a prime candidate for the HPV vaccine and should talk with her doctor about it. In most people, the dangerous-sounding symptoms listed above are pretty damn rare. However, it's not uncommon for women to need to try several different formulations of the Pill to find one that doesn't cause more minor side effects [weight issues, mood changes, and an altered libido seem to be most common.

I know that you want to avoid lengthy visits with the doctor [due to the logistics of hiding it from her family? So yeah, a visit to Planned Parenthood is probably your best bet. Since you are 20 and she is 17, I would be careful crossing her parents. They could slap a statutory rape charge on you, couldn't they? I'd recommend you go somewhere where she can get help if things aren't going right - she may need to try more than one brand of pill, for example - many women do.

Apparently, the age of consent in Texas is I had the same thought about the statutory rape. I would not risk sex at all, condom, pills, or otherwise, unless you want to someday show up on a site like this. I think it's very likely her parents will find out. And if some 20 year old was banging my 17 year old daughter, I would at least be tempted to report it. That seems like a pretty big age difference to me. And it's also likely the 17 year old has some guilt about it since you're the one pushing for the pills.

Also, for my wife at least, the pill caused her to gain some weight and feel depressed. So this is definitely something she should sit down with a physician about. But to answer the question, Planned Parenthood. Don't go with her, she needs privacy in this decision and consultation. Age of consent in most states is at least Poster: I assume you feel for this girl with more than your pecker, and so you want to do the right thing.

Make the appointment WITH her help her do it, whatever, don't just spring it on her is all I'm sayin' , and go with her to the appointment. You'll have to leave the room or at least get at the head of the bed during her pelvic exam, but they will likely allow you to stay with her otherwise.

It's a responsible thing for you and her to be thinking of ensuring that she doesn't get pregnant. I really do applaud that. But, something to consider: If your relationship with her parents isn't strong enough to survive them finding out that you're nailing their daughter, you should probably work on that relationship with her parents, don't you think? Otherwise, you're the "grown man" who's screwing around with their "teenage daughter". Something to consider. Of course, if she doesn't want you with her, don't go into the exam room with her.

But let her make that decision. I disagree with visual mechanic about you not going with her. Both of you are involved in the act, and both of you need to become educated and feel responsible for your own and your partner's sexual health.

Also, she should feel supported and less ill at ease when she visits the gynocologist for the first time. It can be pretty daunting; when I was 17 and needed to go to Planned Parenthood, my older exboyfriend was "too busy" to take me and I ended up relying on a close male friend of mine. He did, however, learn a lot about his sexual health. On preview: what Merdryn said. I absolutely endorse Planned Parenthood. My son's fiancee worked there as a sort of support, quasi-ombudsman, support group leader for girls that came in for birth control.

They will do much more for both of you than just prescribing the pill, they may ultimately figure out that another form of birth control is better for her, they will offer unqualified support and answer any and all questions she has and it will all be completely confidential.

They are also much more likely to offer the HPV vaccine than a family dr. Not to mention it will probably be the least expensive option available to you both. I went to Planned Parenthood when I was a teenager. They will absolutely respect her privacy, and she will get good medical care. Hopping on the PP bandwagon. Health risks aside, most women have to experiment a bit to figure out which formulation works best for them. She needs to be able to talk to a doctor. She needs to know how to take the pill, how long it takes to become effective, what side effects to be concerned about and which she can safely ignore, and so on.

Even if the pelvic exam is not required, she should get one annually. She should also be doing monthly breast self-examinations. Re whether or not to go with her, I think you should ask her what she prefers. Hold her hand as much as she needs, but be sure that this is her decision too.

Dear anon -- Planned Parenthood is the way to go, and please ignore all the weird discussion about side effects of the pill that have come up in answers here. Bottom line is: the pill is a medication and needs to be prescribed by a doctor, which means that they'll need a medical history and an exam. I wouldn't classify this as a "lengthy clinic visit" -- you should be there about an hour. Do go with her to the appointment, and they may want to talk to you both together for a while, but let her have her privacy while they do the actual internal exam especially if she's never had one before.

Planned Parenthood does offer medical services for both men and women, so if you haven't had a doctors visit in a while, this might be a good chance for you to get all checked out yourself. Good for you, and good luck. Adding to the chorus - This is exactly the kindof thing Planned Parenthood is for.

They will keep it private, and they have lots of info about different birth control methods, STD testing and related things. You can let her choose whether you go in with her to see the actual doctor, but at least take her to the appointment and sit in the waiting room.

How Can I Get on the Pill Without Telling My Parents?

FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. How to get birth control for my girlfriend? I am 20, she is

Many parents don't feel comfortable having sexually blunt conversations or discussing contraception with their teen. Many times, your child's pediatrician can provide or prescribe a suitable form of contraception right there in the office, or provide a referral to an appropriate facility in your community. Typical use failure rate: 0.

Although birth control pills have a high success rate, they can fail and you can get pregnant while on the pill. Both combined oral contraceptives and progestin-only pills also known as the mini pill have a typical failure rate of 9 percent. Many women accidentally miss a dose or forget to start a new pack of pills. When that happens, the chances for an accidental pregnancy go up. Birth control pills are designed to maintain a constant level of hormones in your body.

Everything a Guy Needs to Know About Birth Control

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Interpersonal Skills Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people looking to improve their interpersonal communication skills. It only takes a minute to sign up. We've been together for a few months and only use condoms for protection. Recently there have been a few isolated signs of her being pregnant. I think I'm most likely just paranoid and that the pregnancy "signs" are just coincidences. However, they've scared me enough to want to talk with her about using a back up birth control method like the pill or arm implant. I brought this up when we first started dating before our "first time" and she said she's open to female birth control, but only if she's in a long term relationship with someone. Now I think she will be fine with getting the birth control, but at the same time I want to tell her that we should hold off on having sex until we get some.

Effective Birth Control for Sexually Active Teens

What else is there to know, right? We took a closer look at some of the recent research, and gathered a panel of experts to separate the fact from the fiction in oral contraceptives. Is It True? That little boost comes from the estrogen and progesterone in some birth control pills.

And if it fails, you too will be on the hook for all the joys and horrors of parenting, including but not limited to: staying up through the night with a colicky baby, moderating temper tantrums on a long flight, and eventually the cost of orthodontia.

And what did we learn? Wish men had more info on sexual health? Us too.

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According to the CDC, 18 in women will become pregnant using only condoms. This is why many women turn to less straightforward—but more effective—birth control methods. Like progestin pills. Or Depo-Provera shots.

Home pregnancy tests can be bought at a drug store. You can also go to your health care provider or a clinic to get a pregnancy test. If you are pregnant and not sure what to do, it can help to talk to someone about your options. What is There are many types of birth control to choose from and it is important to find the method that works best for you.

A Man’s Guide to the Pill

I want to start using birth control but I don't want to tell my parents I'm having sex. It can be hard for teens to talk to their parents about being sexually active. But surprisingly, many parents are open to discussing sex and birth control, especially if you show them that you want to act responsibly. But if you feel like you can't talk to your parents, you can still look into birth control options and get sexual-health care. Make an appointment with your general doctor or gynecologist.

Oct 25, - Collage of birth control pills a condom and an IUD on a purple background If you're in a sexual relationship with someone you could get pregnant for talking to your doctor or healthcare provider about your options; always.

Since it came on the market in , the Pill — a catchall term for a variety of oral contraceptives containing differing combinations of synthetic hormones — has been the most common form of birth control used in the United States , utilized at some point by four out of five sexually active women. While there are a number of other popular hormonal- birth-control methods, such as the IUD and the NuvaRing, none enjoy the popularity and cultural significance of the Pill. In high school in Toronto in the early-aughts, it seemed like every girl I knew was put on it, for some reason or another, whether or not she was sexually active.

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My Girlfriend Demands Sex Without Birth Control or Condoms




Can You Get Pregnant on the Pill?



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