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Find your mandala

Do you know which spiritual mandala truly captures your unique spirit and personality? It's time to find out! Embark on this quiz and discover which spiritual mandala you are! Share This. Complex And Colorful.

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Meaning of Mandala

You are the Intuition Mandala Your mandala carries the spirit of the owl. The owl brings her sense of sight and her ability to seek the light in the dark. Just like the owl, you are a very positive person and try so make the best of every situation!

The spirit of the owl acts as a key to unlock your inner wisdom. The spirit of your mandala reminds you to always remain open, to trust and to listen.

Always remember Trust your instincts! You are the Love Mandala! Your mandala is governed by the element of water. You are a true believer in love and one of your main focuses in life is to find your true love!

You carry the spirit of the seahorse. The seahorse brings nuturing capabilities and complete dedication to everything and everyone she loves! The seahorse reminds us to keep any form of love our main motivator in life! You are the Forgiveness Mandala! You are governed by the element of water and you carry the spirit of the dog! This spirit reminds us of unconditional love and teaches us that forgiveness is one of the most important values in life.

According to your mandala, you may have to reflect upon all the people in your life and how they are affecting how you feel. Your mandala believes that only once you truly forgive someone You are the Imagination Mandala! You are governed by the element of water. This means that you have the ability to create and your imagination is full of endless creativity.

Your mandala carries the spirit of the dragonfly. She helps you in looking beyond the surface and helps you to recognize new opportunities and creative bursts of energy! You are encouraged to stop overthinking things and just let your imagination run free! You are the Harmony Mandala! You are governed by the element of spirit. You are the perfect balance of energies: male and female. This mandala also carries the spirit of the swan. The swan brings graceful femininity alongside her protective masculine strength.

You bring a sense of balance to every situation you encounter in life. You always need to remember to try create a harmonious energy between your body, mind and soul. You are the Strength Mandala! You are governed by the element of air. This element symbolizes the importance of connecting with your inner strength and to stand strong in what you believe in.

You carry the spirit of the Eagle. With this spirit, comes the superior sense of sight and clarity in life. You are constantly reminded to turn seemingly impossible situations into victories in reality!

We all make choices in life but we sometimes don't realize the effect these choices have on our lives. You choices determine which mandala connects with your spirit! Find out now which mandala you most connect with! Created by Christina Yang. Pick the image that represents LOVE:. Pick your ultimate escape destination:. Pick your mythical animal:. Pick your color:. Pick the word that YOU feel best describes you:. Free spirited. Pick the word that others would descibe you as:.

Free Spirited. You are the Intuition Mandala. You are the Love Mandala. You are the Forgiveness Mandala. You are the Imagination Mandala. You are the Harmony Mandala. You are the Strength Mandala. Facebook Comments.

What Are Mandalas?

October 17, 2 Comments. The literal meaning word Mandala means circle, and circle mandalas are also one of the most commonly available form of mandalas. Circles have very powerful significance in countless religions and traditions, primarily Hinduism and Buddhism. We first saw their emergence in regions across the Himalaya and India, where people used the artistic expression of mandalas to form symbolic relationships between the universe and the spirit. Ancient Hindu scriptures depict mandalas as a period of creativity, of powerful existence, and a symbol of deeper connection with the self and the universe at large.

By Consumer Dummies. In the trend of coloring as a form of relaxation, one of the most popular types of patterns to color is the mandala. Mandalas are usually circular geometric patterns.

Most people have been wondering how to stay occupied — but calm — while at home during this quarantine season. Many have started to do some mindful coloring. They are finding it therapeutic to add their choice of color to designs, zoning out the world and just being present in that moment. Why not print out your favorite design to color and display in your home?

Your Choices In Life Determine Which Spiritual Mandala You Are!

The mandala is one of the most ancient and universal symbols known to man. At the most basic level, mandalas represent wholeness, unity and harmony. However, every mandala has a unique meaning. Throughout the world, mandalas have come to portray everything from psychological balance Jungian psychology and cosmic order Taoism , to religious beliefs Christianity and the impermanence of life Navajo Indians. Father of analytical psychology, Carl Jung, himself drew mandalas to aid his self-growth. Every morning he would sketch a circle in his notebook, and within it he would draw what he felt reflected his inner situation. In Tibet, for example, mandalas are created as meditation aids for the Buddhist monks who design them. In Islam, mandalas are created purely for devotional purposes, and in Celtic paganism, the mandala represents the three worlds of body, mind and spirit. Clearly, regardless of their meaning, mandalas have always embodied that which is sacred, holy and mystical. It seems that despite our cultural or religious context, mandalas have a universal appeal to our human psyche.

Which Spiritual Mandala Are You?

You can see mandala patterns in natural objects from the radiating petals of a flower to tree rings, spiderwebs, seashells, crystals and more. And while they are beautiful, there is a deeper meaning in the mandala that you can introduce to your child. It is both the microcosm and the macrocosm, and we are all part of its intricate design. The mandala pattern is used in many religious traditions. In ancient Tibet, as part of a spiritual practice, monks created intricate mandalas with colored sand made of crushed semiprecious stones.

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In various spiritual traditions, mandalas may be employed for focusing attention of practitioners and adepts, as a spiritual guidance tool, for establishing a sacred space and as an aid to meditation and trance induction. In the Eastern religions of Hinduism , Buddhism , Jainism and Shintoism it is used as a map representing deities, or specially in the case of Shintoism, paradises, kami or actual shrines. In New Age , the mandala is a diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a time-microcosm of the universe , but it originally meant to represent wholeness and a model for the organizational structure of life itself, a cosmic diagram that shows the relation to the infinite and the world that extends beyond and within minds and bodies.

Mandalas: How the Sacred Circle Helps Us Reconnect With Ourselves

You can use the as self expressive or just meditation of the soul Baca ulasan lengkap. Baca ulasan lengkap. Account Options Login. Koleksiku Bantuan Penelusuran Buku Lanjutan.

You are the Intuition Mandala Your mandala carries the spirit of the owl. The owl brings her sense of sight and her ability to seek the light in the dark. Just like the owl, you are a very positive person and try so make the best of every situation! The spirit of the owl acts as a key to unlock your inner wisdom. The spirit of your mandala reminds you to always remain open, to trust and to listen.

Mandalas: A Practically Perfect Form of Nature Art

Today, discover more about your personality by our new personality test. We are amazed by how accurate this test is. Take a look at these 9 Mandalas below and choose the one that is calling you. People who choose this yellow, black and white one are easy going and friendly. Whatever they do, they do that with good intentions. Extremely positive and opinionated. Having said that, they are perfect leaders because of the strength of their character and their creativity. The combination of the colours aqua and red describes a person who is a calm and romantic soul.

Learning how to draw your own mandala is a deeply absorbing, meditative Get comfortable — find a quiet and undisturbed place where you can relax.

These archetypal styles are the hidden internal lenses through which we perceive and create spiritual information and practices. Our Spiritual Styles Profile Tool helps us begin by discovering, harnessing and harmonizing our styles. These are:.

InterSpiritual Mandala

It is commonly used as a symbol representing the microcosm the self and the macrocosm the Universe , the invisible inner world center and the visible outer world circle. Mandala is the ancient Sanskrit word for circle and is seen by Tibetans as a diagram of the cosmos. It is used by Native Americans in healing rituals and in Christian cathedrals the labyrinth is a mandalic pattern used as a tool for meditation. I agree with Carl Jung.

Meaning of Mandalas

Symbolic Meaning of Mandala. Mandalas offer balancing visual elements, symbolizing unity and harmony. The meanings of mandala depends upon color, geometric elements and culture.

Nancy began her career working with pregnant women teaching prenatal yoga and using hypnotherapy to support women in natural childbirth.


PERSONALITY TEST: Which Mandala sign describes you?


Color These Beautiful Mandalas to Find the Equilibrium You Need!


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