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Cory was all alone with Maya, talking to her tearfully; Riley and Katy had gone down to the canteen to get some breakfast. Cory turned around and ran to his wife, hugging her as they both cried into each other's shoulders. She put the phone down and sighed "I'm so sorry Cory, they want me at the office. Topanga sat down hesitantly, as he switched the monitor on, her faced dropped; watching the footage of Maya being stabbed and pushed to the ground. Topanga stood up "How dare you ask me to defend someone that hurt Maya.

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Characters At Alternate Ages

But I do own the plot. When people you've loved all of your life suddenly decide to leave? Well, you sit by yourself for a while and you'll try to figure it out. And you'll blame yourself. But it isn't your fault. You probably won't believe that, though, and you'll think you did something wrong, but It isn't your fault.

And most of all, you stay with your best friend. People make their own decisions. And sometimes, they decide to go away for a while. Sometimes, it takes time to understand why.

I could hear chatter surfing around me. More like light murmurs. I could tell what they were saying nor could I tell who they were. But I could sense a dreading emotion coming from them. Their slurred words leaked grief. An ounce of anguish. And I couldn't tell why. Soon I could feel my eyes tingling before they started to flutter open and I was blinded by a beaming white light. I also noticed that I couldn't breathe. There was something lodged in my throat, right down the path into my trachea.

I immediately started to panic; I thrashed my arms around only to find that I could only move one of them and the other is being held down by some kind of wire. I used my other hand to quickly go to my mouth and began to pull on the tube, I find out, that was suffocating me. I felt multiple hands grab onto my arms, pinning me down into a lumpy surface - a bed of some sort?

I couldn't see anything but the white light above me and my jitters were getting worse. I tried to scream but the tube in my throat made it sound like a loud mumble. Then another hand rested on my forehead and a silhouette loomed over me, covering me from the shine. I couldn't see their face yet the sight of this person made my frenzied state calm down a little bit.

Hart, I need you to remain calm," said a male's voice, the tone sincere and kind. Just close your eyes and it'll be out in no time. I wasn't sure what made me comply but I did. I forced my eyes shut and held my breath.

I tried to not feel it as this man, this doctor supposedly, slowly dragged the tube out of my throat, the sensation both uncomfortable and unnerving, until it finally popped out of my mouth and I gasped in a large breath of air. The relief of having cool oxygen filling up my lungs and to sense my chest able to move again was a feeling I couldn't describe. It was like a block had been lifted off of my chest - a fire had been ignited within me - or it was like a bucket of ice-cold water had been drenched all over me and woke me up from a thousand years sleep.

The hands didn't release me until my breathing was even. I was a little lightheaded while I breathed. I didn't feel any of my weight so I can imagine I look like a dead fish lying on this bed.

My face did feel heavy though with all of the beads of sweat I got from my small episode and the mild headache throbbing against my skull. Aside from that, I never felt more alive. The same hand brushed over my forehead and stroked my disheveled hair back from my eyes. You're in a slight shock but I need you to try to take deep, slow breaths. I followed along without hesitation, seeing as this man is the reason why I was able to drink the life back into me, while keeping my eyes closed as I tried to keep myself steady.

I instantly opened my eyes and I was greeted by a lovely view of a man, probably in his late thirties, with bright hazel eyes, a sharp jawline, and a tiny layer of stubble. He had bleach blonde hair brushed back and a reassuring smile that has me relax mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I let out another shaky breath and licked my lips only to find out that both were drier than sand. I managed to choke out a word, weak and difficult, but still good enough to let out a feeble, "Water. I tried to gulp it down as fast as I could but I ended up throwing it back up and spilling it onto my torso. She did it once more and I took tiny sips, each making it easier for me to feel my tongue and throat once more. After she took the glass away, I instantly tried to sit upright but the man stopped me with a hand on my shoulder.

The man, the doctor, sighed softly then looked over at the nurse and nodded his head at her. She placed the glass of water on the table next to me and then left the room after giving me a prideful glance. The doctor sat on the chair on my other side and placed the clipboard he had been holding onto the machine that is currently beeping.

And it was fast. My heart rate is going through the roof. Miller," he answered. Do you remember what caused you to get in the hospital? I furrowed my eyebrows. I whacked my brain for something but I could hardly remember entirely what it is that had me admitted into this hospital, only small glimpses the medical crew rushing, a blazing light flashing at me along with a loud horn honking, a crowd of people shouting while policemen held them back, multicolor lights flashing, and lastly, I could see Riley's face scrunched up in distress with many rivers of tears flowing down her face and mucus dripping from her nose.

Yet I couldn't figure out what led me to this point. It was bad, that much I know, but I could see what it was. Miller stared at me intently for a few minutes, the whole time making me feel awkward. I'd fidget with the hem of the covers that were over me or brush my hair behind my ears to distract myself from the slight embarrassment I am feeling with this man's eyes focused on me like this.

I don't think this is part of his job description. I certainly know they did not teach him this in his years of the medical studies. At least, I hope they didn't. He let out another sigh. I don't want you to freak out with what I'm about to tell you, okay? It's very important that you stay calm and collected after waking up from a long time. He leaned forward, his elbows rested on his knees, his hand entwined, and looked at me directly in the eyes as he spoke.

But as soon as he said those words, I went deaf to all sounds in the world and my vision blurred from the colors of life until it became an endless abyss of darkness.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Twelve years ago, Maya Hart fell into a coma at the age of eighteen. Twelve years later, she woke up thinking she is still eighteen. How would she react with the changes in her life? Or about the others moving on with their lives without her? Then with my toes. And slowly the sensation was crawling up on my arms. The patient! That is I did until I started a coughing fit and was nearly hacking my heart out.

Are you feeling better? Now open your eyes little by little. I know the light can be overwhelming after so long. Don't rush. Maya Penelope Hart. Who are you? After a moment, I shook my head. Please Review! Prologue 2. Chapter One: Awaken 3. Chapter Two: Over the Years 4. Chapter Three: Rare Gift 5. Chapter Four: Motivation 6. Chapter Five: Similarity 7. Chapter Six: Dearly Beloved 8.

Chapter Seven: Only Human 9. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

I open my eyes to see a white room. An unfamiliar white room, and it's really bright. My ankle feels like it's throbbing, but I'm covered in a blanket, so I can't even look at it. I'm having trouble seeing also, because the lights are so white. I look to my right and see my parents sleeping in plastic black chairs.

Riley Matthews and Maya Hart walked into their 7th grade history class, and their teacher was none other than Cory Matthews. The girls took their seats and started chatting about what their plans were for this weekend.

She was going to press the 'A' button on her controller to pick up the grenades but she didn't. Riley set her controller down on the table and walked away from the couch with a concerned and worried look on her face. Riley turned to Joshua and started talking, "I'm worried about Maya, Joshua. Something bad happened at school yesterday and she was lying to me when I was asked her about it.

Hey guys. I'm so happy you all enjoyed the first chapter and gave me so many reviews. You inspired me to write more and I couldn't stop so today, I present to you chapter two. Thank you guys for following and favoriting. For those who haven't, please do. I'm sure you won't regret it. And please review more.

A combination of those hits has caused a skull fracture, as you can see here. It terrified me. This is very dangerous and it is going to require major surgery to repair. The good news that I have is that there is no visible cervical or spinal trauma on these scans.

Hey guys, sorry that it's been so long, I've been working on my story a lot so… yeah, sorry.

Cory took Auggie to his Kindergarten class and phoned Rileys school to tell them neither Riley nor Maya were going to make it in today. Topanga tried to tell them she was feeling better but neither one of the girls would move from by her side. Topanga stood up and felt light headed all of a sudden, Riley stood up by her mothers side but Topanga instantly fell to the floor, she had fainted.

But I do own the plot. When people you've loved all of your life suddenly decide to leave? Well, you sit by yourself for a while and you'll try to figure it out.

I have one last sweet surprise for you all at the end of this chapter! I have had it planned since the beginning. I only have two chapters left in this story and then an epilogue to wrap up all of the characters storylines. I hope you enjoy this chapter because I enjoyed writing it a lot! You guys are the best!

Summary: Riley thinks she just passed out during 'Girl Meets Home for the Holiday' but when she wake up, everything she remembers was just a dream. While there are things that are similar, there are a lot of things that are very different, most especially: when she asks for her best friend, no one seems to know who Maya Hart is. Author's Pre-Story note: I own nothing that is owned by someone else. I only do this for entertainment. On that note this is my first venture into the 'Girl Meets World' fandom. This is just a quick prologue to get the story started. Hope you Enjoy. Riley stood up to greet the confusing, seemingly stand-offish, not-really-her-bio-Uncle Shawn, and felt the room spin a little, and her head felt weird.

Dec 15, - After the events in Girl Meets Home For The Holidays Maya decides that she wants to date Joshua and that she wants to ask him out. How will.

After ascertaining that an actual stranger had entered the room, Riley attempts to scream, but the intruder covers her mouth and confides that she is running away from home, but was attracted to the decor of the window and the singing she heard, which she preferred to yelling. Glancing about, the newcomer asks Riley what she does there. Riley replies that she sits in her window hoping that someone will come and sit with her, prompting Riley to ask the other girl if she is that "someone. No longer strangers, Riley asks if they are now friends forever.

Hey guys. Sorry it has been days since the last update but things have been a bit complicated this week since I just decided to switch school. Keep in mind that this is also a short chapter, however, chapter 8 is going to be a long one, I promise! Chapter 8 won't be uploaded until after Monday since I'm going to Germany for a Taylor Swift concert Saturday and won't be home until Sunday afternoon and Monday I have to go to a party with my friends — so hopefully chapter 8 will be uploaded Tuesday hopefully.

Hospitals weren't actually white. Farkle had forgotten that. The last time he'd been in one had been when Riley was seven years old and had to get her tonsils out. He remembered bringing her ice cream and buying her Hazel the Hippo.

Author's Note: Well kids Rucas is over!




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