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Girl or boy love bird

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It's not always so easy to tell a bird's gender, as not all species lend themselves to easy gender determination. In those cases, the best thing to do is take your bird to an avian veterinarian to determine the gender. This test identifies a bird's gender based on its chromosome pair ZW in females and ZZ in males. This test is non-invasive, requiring nothing more than a drop of blood or some plucked feathers, and can be performed for any age bird [source: Therion International ].

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Gender Identification in Lovebirds in English. Difference between Female and Male Love Birds

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: How to know Male or Female Lovebirds - Identifying gender of Lovebirds

How to Tell Male From Female Lovebirds

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Click here. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. I know each bird is in individual by in general or in ur experience, which is friendlier? I have heard females r nippy and aggressive and territorial. Is this only in mating season?

Can you train them or of. Mayor of the Avenue. I had a retired breeder pair that I "rescued" and my female was as nice as can be the male wanted nothing of me. Niether were really mean either. Ankou Rollerblading along the road Avenue Veteran. Celebirdy of the Month. Avenue Spotlight Award. Shutterbugs' Best.

Generally, yes. Males are thought to be more calm and tolerant and females are more territorial and courageous. That doesn't mean the hens are horrible though, just bring extra patience. And band-aids. Peanut is somewhere in between Starburst and Anica. Very sweet and cuddly while simultaneously very stubborn and bold.

In short, I would say she's fairly tolerant of me handling her and fairly intolerant of me handling her stuff. In detail, she trusts me to do pretty much anything with her; scoop her up, hold her on her back in my hand, poking and prodding, and the worst I'll get out of it are some "objection" noises and non-threatening warning beaking or a light nip.

She'll even fall asleep on her back while cuddling. She loves to nap with me in the recliner where I can't roll or crush her, hide in my shirt at bedtime, and generally be doted on. But touching the things she's decided are hers is a different matter and it's all about me knowing when to back off. I can block them with my hand to keep her from throwing them on the floor, toss them back to her if she has thrown it, sometimes even hold them for her, or have my hands near them while I scritch her.

As soon as I look like I'm trying to "claim" the object though she goes into territorial mode. She will warn me with her body language when I've crossed the line, sometimes a nip, and if I fail to get the message, bite.

She never bites for no reason though and I'm rarely bitten these days. Nips are fairly common but most don't even sting, just beak pressure, a touch, the bird equivalent of saying "hey, stop that. She provokes more quickly when hormonal but that's about it. Marc Sprinting down the street. It's hard to decide.. I think the females may become more aggressive in mating period; however I have to admit that the relationship with a female is generally stronger than the male; It's not a rule, it's only a guideline.

Anfsurfer Rollerblading along the road Avenue Veteran. I have a flock of Lovebirds and I have never had a problem with a female. Personality wise with my birds, the Peachfaced Hens are much more Boisterous and Bold, wheras the Males are pretty easy going. I find the complete opposite with my eyerings though. The Males are the bold and the pushy ones, and the girls are more calm and relaxed.

Gram for gram the Male eyerings have the most attitude out of them all! Paradox81 Walking the driveway. Now I haven't held my guys since they are new to me but my female is the bold one were my male is a chicken and runs and hides under the female when he's scared. Courtney Moving in. My lovebird is a female and we have had or ups and downs.

She had bitten me pretty hard before, i've bled but you can expect that out of any bird. Female lovebirds may get aggresive when laying. I recommend if you get a female to NOT give her a bed. A bed is like a nest which will make a male or a female terrototial.

Females have been known to show a little more affection to there owners as they may think of you as their mates. Overall I think females are just as nice as males but both can be loving with proper care and atention. Thanks for the input guys! Yes, PFLB females are the bosses, more territorial and can be biters. Males are more laid back, can be little wooses and can also be biters.

The key is to pick a bird that also picks you. Katie, one of my original PFLBsm was savage and hands off. Her brothers were also hands off but not savage. Harley, my current cock, is a hand raised cutie that loves me. Blu, my hen, is also a hand raised cutie but prefers male humans as friends. Harley rarely even nips me. Blu nips me every day and draws blood once a week. Of course now Blu is on eggs, she is blood thirsty. Blu's original owner could do anything to her and Tim was a really wonderful guy; but he is a physician and had very little time for Blu.

So he rehomed her to be my Harley's mate. I am looking forward to Blu going back to her usual hands on but nippy self. I must have cockatiels and PFLBs in my birdroom.

Naiera Rollerblading along the road. I feel bad saying it but in all honestly I think the males make better pets. I love my lady birds even though they drive me crazy sometimes. And I think that having them is more rewarding because you have to work so hard to earn their trust. But once you have and you figure out how to live with them I mean dealing with the hormones and nesting!

They amaze me every day. I think especially those who might adopt or rescue a lovie should consider opening their hearts to female lovebirds. They seem to get shoved off in a corner far too often It makes me sad. They need good homes and lots of love too!

How to know if you have a male or female Lovebird

How to know if you have a male or female Lovebird Knowing if you have a male or female lovebird is essential when it comes to raising it properly. In addition to helping you choose the. I've read and accept Terms and Conditions. Knowing if you have a male or female lovebird is essential when it comes to raising it properly. To determine whether it is a male or female Lovebird, you can watch some physical or behavioral aspects.

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Sometimes the motivation for adopting a lovebird is really to adopt two so you can have a pair. If you want two birds so they can keep each other company, it's not necessary to have one of each gender. But if you want them to have baby lovebirds, you need to know how to tell a male from a female to guarantee you have what it takes to get babies. Some breeds of lovebirds are sexually dimorphic, meaning that the males and females have obvious differences in their physical characteristics.

male vs female lovebird?

Lovebirds can be wonderful and endearing pets. They tend to have cute chatter and beautiful coloring, in addition to being very social creatures. However, most species that are kept as pets cannot be easily sexed. If you are interested in getting some lovebirds, but don't want them to breed, it is important that you figure out their sex before you put them in the same cage. If you don't, you could end up with more birds than you expected or wanted. The best and most conclusive way to find out a lovebird's sex is to get a blood testing kit, which you can buy online. If you want to examine the bird yourself, hold it upside down in your non-dominant hand with its head pointing away from you.

How to Know if Your Bird is Male or Female

Lovebirds are lively, adventurous birds that make great companions. When choosing your bird, look for a well-adjusted bird that is used to human interaction. Additionally, look for signs of health when choosing your lovebirds, such as well-formed toes, healthy-looking feathers, and a beak clear of discharge. Lovebirds are energetic, adventurous birds that make great companions. When choosing your lovebirds, start by deciding on the best species for your family.






The easiest and least stressful way to determine the gender of a lovebird is through a blood test. Your vet will take a small sample of blood from your birds and.








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