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The latest work of narrative nonfiction from Thorpe Soldier Girls brings readers face to face with the global refugee crisis through the story of a Denver English-acquisition class composed of Baca ulasan lengkap. Helen Thorpe was born in London and grew up in New Jersey. Account Options Login.

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How to use Google Translate

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One Sunday, at one of our weekly salsa sessions, my friend Frank brought along a Danish guest. I knew Frank spoke Danish well, because his mother was Danish, and he had lived in Denmark as a child.

As for his friend, her English was fluent, as is standard for Scandinavians. Frank would write a message in English, then run it through Google Translate to produce a new text in Danish; conversely, she would write a message in Danish, then let Google Translate anglicize it. How odd! My own experiences with machine-translation software had always led me to be highly skeptical of it. But my skepticism was clearly not shared by these two.

Indeed, many thoughtful people are quite enamored of translation programs, finding little to criticize in them. This baffles me. When I first got interested in the subject, in the mids, I ran across a letter written in by the mathematician Warren Weaver, an early machine-translation advocate, to Norbert Wiener, a key figure in cybernetics, in which Weaver made this curious claim, today quite famous:.

I will now proceed to decode. Pushkin need not shudder. Nonetheless, his view of translation as decoding became a credo that has long driven the field of machine translation. In this scenario, human translators would become, within a few years, mere quality controllers and glitch fixers rather than producers of fresh new text. Such a development would cause a soul-shattering upheaval in my mental life.

Although I fully understand the fascination of trying to get machines to translate well, I am not in the least eager to see human translators replaced by inanimate machines. Indeed, the idea frightens and revolts me. I learned that although the older version of Google Translate can handle a very large repertoire of languages, its new deep-learning incarnation at the time worked for just nine languages. Before showing my findings, though, I should point out that an ambiguity in the adjective deep is being exploited here.

But does that sort of depth imply that whatever such a network does must be profound? This is verbal spinmeistery. I am very wary of Google Translate, especially given all the hype surrounding it. It is accessible for free to anyone on Earth, and will convert text in any of roughly languages into text in any of the others.

That is humbling. To a mere pi-lingual, bai-lingualism is most impressive. Moreover, if I copy and paste a page of text in Language A into Google Translate, only moments will elapse before I get back a page filled with words in Language B. And this is happening all the time on screens all over the planet, in dozens of languages.

The practical utility of Google Translate and similar technologies is undeniable, and probably a good thing overall, but there is still something deeply lacking in the approach, which is conveyed by a single word: understanding. Machine translation has never focused on understanding language. Could an entity, human or machine, do high-quality translation without paying attention to what language is all about?

To shed some light on this question, I turn now to the experiments I did. I began my explorations very humbly, using the following short remark, which, in a human mind, evokes a clear scenario:. In their house, everything comes in pairs.

Dans leur maison, tout vient en paires. The program fell into my trap, not realizing, as any human reader would, that I was describing a couple, stressing that for each item he had, she had a similar one.

Next I translated the challenge phrase into French myself, in a way that did preserve the intended meaning. Chez eux, ils ont tout en double. At home, they have everything in double. There is his own car and his own car, his own towels and his own towels, his own library and his own library. We humans know all sorts of things about couples, houses, personal possessions, pride, rivalry, jealousy, privacy, and many other intangibles that lead to such quirks as a married couple having towels embroidered his and hers.

But I still felt I should check the engine out more closely. After all, one swallow does not thirst quench. By the way, I checked my translation with two native speakers of German, including Karl Sigmund, so I think you can assume it is accurate.

As for female scholars, well, they had no place in the system at all; nothing was clearer than that. And scientists did not question anyway; There were few of them. So far, so good! But soon it grows wobbly, and the further down you go, the wobblier it gets. The last two sentences really bring out how crucial understanding is for translation. The related letter noun Wissenschaftlerin , found in the closing sentence in its plural form Wissenschaftlerinnen , is a consequence of the gendered-ness of German nouns.

Aside from that blunder, the rest of the final sentence is a disaster. Take its first half. It just consists of English words haphazardly triggered by the German words.

Is that all it takes for a piece of output to deserve the label translation? The translation engine was not imagining large or small amounts or numbers of things. It was just throwing symbols around, without any notion that they might symbolize something. For decades, sophisticated people—even some artificial-intelligence researchers—have fallen for the ELIZA effect. Google Translate is all about bypassing or circumventing the act of understanding language.

To me, the word translation exudes a mysterious and evocative aura. It denotes a profoundly human art form that graciously carries clear ideas in Language A into clear ideas in Language B, and the bridging act should not only maintain clarity but also give a sense for the flavor, quirks, and idiosyncrasies of the writing style of the original author.

Whenever I translate, I first read the original text carefully and internalize the ideas as clearly as I can, letting them slosh back and forth in my mind. Needless to say, most of this halo is unconscious. I try to say in Language B what strikes me as a natural B-ish way to talk about the kinds of situations that constitute the halo of meaning in question. I am not , in short, moving straight from words and phrases in Language A to words and phrases in Language B.

This is the kind of thing I imagine when I hear an evocative phrase like deep mind. That said, I turn now to Chinese, a language that gave the deep-learning software a far rougher ride than the two European languages did. Her book recounts the intertwined lives of herself; her husband, Qian Zhongshu also a novelist and translator , and their daughter.

It is not written in an especially arcane manner, but it uses an educated, lively Chinese. I chose a short passage and let Google Translate loose on it. Here are the results, along with my own translation again vetted by native speakers of Chinese :. After Zhongshu had worked at Tsinghua University for a year, he was transferred to the committee that was translating selected works of Chairman Mao.

He lived in the city, but each weekend he would return to school. He also was still supervising his graduate students. On the day this appointment was decided, after dinner, an old friend specially hired a rickshaw and came all the way from the city just to congratulate Zhongshu.

After our guest had left, Zhongshu turned to me uneasily and said:. After a year of work at Tsinghua, he was transferred to the Mao Translating Committee to live in the city and back to school on weekends. He is still a graduate student. Introduction to the book to do this work is Tsinghua students Qiao Guanhua comrades. On the day of the event, after dinner, an old friend hired a rickshaw from the city to congratulate.

Guest to go, the book of fear in the book said to me:. A second oddity is that the first paragraph clearly says that Zhongshu is supervising graduate students, whereas Google Translate turns him into a graduate student.

Now, I admit that the Chinese phrase was utterly opaque to me. To translate it, I had to find out about something in Chinese culture that I was ignorant of. So where did I turn for help? To Google! But not to Google Translate. I typed in the Chinese characters, surrounded them with quote marks, then did a Google search for that exact literal string. Lickety-split, up came a bunch of webpages in Chinese, and then I painfully slogged my way through the opening paragraphs of the first couple of websites, trying to figure out what the phrase was all about.

Or can it? Below I exhibit the astounding piece of output text that Google Translate super swiftly spattered across my screen after being fed the opening of the website that I got my info from:. Scholars in the Qing Dynasty into the value of the South study proud. Many scholars and scholars in the early Qing Dynasty into the south through the study. Is this actually in English? However, after Emperor Yongzheng established an official military ministry with a minister and various lower positions, the South Study aide, despite still being in the service of the emperor, no longer played a major role in governmental decision making.

Some readers may suspect that I, in order to bash Google Translate, cherry-picked passages on which it stumbled terribly, and that it actually does far better on the large majority of passages. Of course I grant that Google Translate sometimes comes up with a series of output sentences that sound fine although they may be misleading or utterly wrong. Praise is certainly due to its creators and their collective hard work. It has no memories on which to draw, no imagery, no understanding, no meaning residing behind the words it so rapidly flings around.

He figured that if you multiplied the database by a factor of, say, a million or a billion, eventually it would be able to translate anything thrown at it, and essentially perfectly. All sorts of statistical facts about the huge databases are embodied in the neural nets, but these statistics merely relate words to other words, not to ideas.

Download & use Google Translate

Google Translate is a free multilingual statistical and neural machine translation service developed by Google , to translate text and websites from one language into another. It offers a website interface , a mobile app for Android and iOS , and an application programming interface that helps developers build browser extensions and software applications. Launched in April as a statistical machine translation service, it used United Nations and European Parliament documents and transcripts to gather linguistic data.

Account Options Login. Koleksiku Bantuan Penelusuran Buku Lanjutan.

In a fight to save human kind from obliteration, Harry and Cristal continue to battle against supernatural dark forces. However, the supposed angel forces have given up on mankind leaving Harry and Cristal in a terrifying dilemma. If the end is now, can online gamers save the world? Harry Doubt thinks so. In a fight to save human kind from obliteration, they must seek to uncover more details behind Global Nation's involvement and research involving their parents and other missing loved ones.

Google Translate Sings

Throughout the "Google Translate Sings" videos, she mentions the fact that she purposely tries to make the lyrics nonsense. She has also released an original song titled " Google Translate: A Song ", in which she reveals at the end that she has "a Google Sheet that tells [her] the population and geography of all of the languages on Google Translate so that [she] can select languages that are furthest from each other for maximum comedy". On some videos, she mentions that her Patrons help her translate some of her Google Translate Sings. She used to get her viewers to help her translate the videos via the "Translate of the Month". Translator Fails is another series on Malinda's YouTube channel. This series is slightly different from her Google Translate Sings series. Instead of using song lyrics, she uses pieces of text, such as a recipes, furniture assembly instructions, or news articles. She then takes the text, translates it between languages several times, then translates it back to English. Sign In Don't have an account?

Google Translate

One Sunday, at one of our weekly salsa sessions, my friend Frank brought along a Danish guest. I knew Frank spoke Danish well, because his mother was Danish, and he had lived in Denmark as a child. As for his friend, her English was fluent, as is standard for Scandinavians. Frank would write a message in English, then run it through Google Translate to produce a new text in Danish; conversely, she would write a message in Danish, then let Google Translate anglicize it. How odd!

We've seen Google Translate in action , and it always impresses: You can hold up a smartphone to someone speaking in another language, and the app will translate on the fly.

Winning over the Chinese market is a complex game, and in the hyper-competitive mobile sector, it takes a special product, a unique approach, and a lot of determination to stand out. Here, Ben Wong, chief marketing officer for Google in Greater China, breaks down how his team used brand partnerships to build awareness and ultimately grow reach quickly and effectively in the Middle Kingdom. As a result of rapid and vapid growth of the economy, Chinese consumers today have come to expect nothing short of instant gratification.

The Shallowness of Google Translate

But, getting the most out of this powerful app from the start is hard to do. The app is fairly straightforward to use and it defaults to the translate screen. On the left is the language you are translating from and on the right the language you are translating to. The app will attempt to identify your recently used languages automatically, but you can just tap on either language to get a big drop down list of possible choices.

She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, two world-rocking kids, and their brilliant cats, Horace and Percy. Account Options Login. Koleksiku Bantuan Penelusuran Buku Lanjutan. Lihat eBuku. Michelle Roehm McCann. Simon and Schuster , 3 Okt - halaman.

Inside Google Marketing: How Google Translate in China tapped into the power of brand partnerships

Handy app for translating blocks of text and text in images. Also the alternative words dictionary is very useful for understanding the meanings of words and their uses different contexts within a certain language. Sometimes the word it suggests you use does not take the context of the sentence into account, so you end up saying something very literal. Developers should change the top list to be recently used languages for the user, rather than the most popular languages it seems to be basing the list on. English is my 4th language, and Cantonese, Korean and Khmer self taught for Business purposes and my current language of Indonesian being self taught at present. Requires iOS

Nov 18, - If you want to know how to use the Google Translate app to translate for any time you need to communicate with someone who doesn't speak.


The Shallowness of Google Translate


How to Use Google Translate Offline When You Travel






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