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Virgo man and pisces woman compatibility in urdu

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Virgo and Pisces are opposing signs and their attraction is very strong. These partners have a task to find the place of physical intimacy in which they will both be relaxed to be exactly who they are. Virgo partner will usually be shy, trying to show their sexuality through rational behavior, and Pisces will see right through this. On the other hand, Pisces will fear close physical connection with another person, and this will be practically dismissed by Virgo.

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Virgo male may not be the best match for the Gemini female but he can be a stable partner to the social butterfly. The differences in their likes, opinions and approach help them complete each other and grow to be the best couples. Love match of a Gemini female and a Virgo male is not a very usual combination.

These two sun signs are very different from each other and to strike a balance, both partners need to make constant efforts. But once they are able to deal with these differences in their personality and nature, their deep and pure love is responsible for helping them lead a happy life. Gemini woman is like a free butterfly who loves to be on her own and explore new worlds.

Her colorful life attracts and appeals the Virgo man as she is simple irresistible. He, who loves to play safe, is amazed by her uncertain life. She adds more fun and thrill to his boring life. She does appreciate the stability he brings along in her life and loves him beyond imagination. The couple faces problems because of their distinct natures but they can manage their lives with their love.

When a Virgo male gets married to a Gemini female, he finds his life transform from a boring routine life to a much interesting and enthralling life. His social butterfly is able to add new shades to his life and motivates him to lead a more exciting life. She also appreciates the stability marriage brings into her life.

She respects her man and expects him to spread her social wings. She is as loyal as him but he may sometimes doubt her because of her nature to be friends with everyone. With time, when the relationship matures, he also learns to let her go because he knows that she will always come back to him.

Together, they are able to explore new facets of life. They respect each other and are able to complete one another in every respect. Everyday they make new plans to enjoy their beautiful life and every sunset they will retire to bed with a feeling of content. She loves to listen and follow what her man says and he also values her opinions. This makes them turn into better individuals who are able to learn from each other. Once they are deep in love, nothing else matters to them.

Each day is a new hope for them. All they need to do is understand and respect their differences. The love match of a Virgo male and a Gemini female ranks high on the sexual compatibility scales as both the partners are able to enjoy a colorful sex life by blending their different shades of personality. He is subtle and easy. His passion for his lady and his ability to express it with ease helps him deal with her. He knows that she looks for light lovemaking and desires delicate and sensual moves.

To revive their sex life and make it more appealing, she adds some fire to it by her sensual moves and imaginary romantic acts. He makes her feel safe and stable in his arms and she finds it very relaxing and comforting with him. This feeling of emotional and physical safety in their relationship makes them strongly bonded to each other.

They are able to experience passionate and satisfactory sex life with each other. Gemini girl is intelligent and independent. She loves to study new things, visit new places and learn new languages. She is an independent soul who is always learning something new in life to revive her knowledge. She has a wonderful control and command over her language which adds on to her brilliant sense of humor.

She is gifted with high energy levels. Impressing a Gemini girl may not be so simple and easy. To fetch her attention, you must be able to exhibit your in depth knowledge and wonderful communication skills as these are the most important things that she is going to notice about you.

She needs her space and freedom along with respect. She will not compromise for anything. So you need to be the best. Some points that a Virgo man must keep in mind about his Gemini girl are as follows:. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Related Posts Gemini May Horoscope. Virgo May Monthly Horoscope Predictions. Gemini April Monthly Horoscope Predictions. Gemini March Horoscope — Monthly Horoscope. Gemini February Horoscope.

Gemini January Horoscope. Copyright Askmyoracle.

7 Reasons A Libra And A Pisces Make The Ultimate Power Couple

In a hurry? Here are our top five tips for making yourself irresistible to any Virgo man :. Click here.

The razor's edge between love and hate lives in this common but contradictory coupling. Your attraction feels so fated, it's impossible to resist. Fire-sign Aries loves freedom and risk, but helplessly falls for prudent, parental Virgo, an Earth sign landlocked by practicality and protocol.

You can identify a Libra based on three familiar characteristics: they are social, peace-makers, and creative. But putting two Libras together can be the wrong move — Libras are indecisive and may become absorbed with the needs of others. This ends up taking a mental toll that pretty much exhausts any energy lingering between two people. But there is one sign Libra is extremely compatible with: Pisces. Known for their generous, loving, and loyal ways, a Libra and a Pisces are pretty much a match made in heaven.


Andrea loves to write about the zodiac and research astrological love compatibility. She's been an online writer for over five years. Leo and Pisces—what a spectacular combination. Pisces and Leo are both signs that desire relationships. They may initially confuse each other due to their different temperaments, but since they both really strongly desire love and affection, they have the potential to be blissfully happy with each other. At the same time, however, the combination of fixed fire Leo and mutable water Pisces can pose a host of challenges. Leos can come on too strong and be a bit needy with their constant thirst for approval.

5 Reasons A Pisces-Virgo Pairing Is The Best There Is

Virgo and Pisces are opposite signs, which typically bodes well for a relationship. Indeed, for the Virgo man and Pisces woman, compatibility can be a beautiful thing, but it will take some compromise from both partners. A Gentle Partnership. The Virgo man and the Pisces woman are attracted to each other first and foremost by their shared sensitivity.

Virgo male may not be the best match for the Gemini female but he can be a stable partner to the social butterfly. The differences in their likes, opinions and approach help them complete each other and grow to be the best couples.

Traditional astrologers believe that Pisceans are most compatible with Taurus , Cancer , Scorpio , Capricorn , and Pisces , and least compatible with Aries , Gemini , Leo , Virgo , Libra , and Sagittarius , but what do the actual marriage and divorce statistics say? Mathematician Gunter Sachs conducted a large-scale study of sun signs, encompassing nearly one million people in Switzerland, which found statistically significant results on a number of measures including marriage and divorce. Castille conducted a similar study in France using marriage statistics collected between and , which included more than six million marriages. Findings from these studies are summarized below.

Virgo and Pisces Love Compatibility

The ever-reliable, kind, and methodical Virgo joins hands with the compassionate, loyal, and sentimental Piscean. Can the Earth sign couple with the Water sign to create a unique, irreplaceable, and beautiful bond? Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac chart and is symbolized by the fish.


When Virgo and Pisces join together in a love match, it generally makes for a healthy relationship. The two Signs are opposite one another within the Zodiac, and such Signs tend to be well balanced, one making up for qualities the other lacks. They are an easy-going, do-gooding duo, and often devote their time to helping others as well as one another. Each partner in this couple brings out the best aspects in the other. Both Signs dote on and adore one another. They strive for a harmonious relationship and are very accepting and sympathetic people.

Daily Star Information in Urdu Today

Aik virgo mard aur aik hot aurat donon aik doosray say rishtah azdawaj mein munsalik ho kar achi zindagi guzar saktay hain. Aik taraf hot aurat aasani kay sath apnay virgo shohar kay sath nibah kar sakti to doosri taraf virgo mard isay azdawaji zindagi ki bharpoor khushyan ata kar sakta hai. Tahum in kay darmiyan kuch uljhanein paida ho skti hain jinhein vo tayawun, mufahmat, mutabqat aur hum ahngi ki badolat door karnay mein kamyab ho saktay hain. Burj hot kay doranye mein janam lene wali khawateen khoobsurat shakal o surat ki malik hi nahi hotin balkeh zehanat bhi in mein koot koot kar bhari hoti hai, yeh khawateen bawaqar aur saliqah mand hone kay sath hi amoor khana dari mein bhi mahir hoti hain, agar aap ki biwi ka talluq burj hot se hai to phir is ki haqiqat aur asrar kuch arse kay baad hi khulein gay. Yeh khawateen buhat ziadah hassas hoti hain, khasoosan jiwan sathi kay hawale se to yeh ahsaas sewa ho jata hai aur yeh bhi anokhi baat hai keh in ki mojoodgi mein agar koi aap ko bura bhala keh de to vo bachon ki tarah bilak bilak kar rona shuru kar deti hain, aap ko kisi bhi qisam ki uljhan darpesh ho ya phir karobari pareshani ho apni hot biwi se mushawrah lijye, aap mayusi ka shikar nahi hon gay. Biwi kay hawale se zadah tar mard hassas waqa hote hain, agar aap ki khahish hai keh aap ki biwi gharilu khatoon ho, vo tamam gharilu amoor ko sambhale is kay sath hi aap ko ghar ka sarbarah bhi samjhein yani aap ka hokum chale aap ki bala dsti ho, aap ko bila shirkat ghair e khandan kay sarbarah ka darjah de to phir kisi bhi hot larki se shadi kar lijye aap ko bilkul mayusi nahi hogi kiun keh gharilu amoor ko hot khatoon se behtar koi doosri khatoon is andaz aur tariqe se nahi chala skti jis tarah aap ki soch hai, yeh khawateen, sughar, saliqah mand aur bawaqar khatoon e khana sabit hoti hain, aap kay dost o ahbaab aur rishte daron kay elawa mehman bhi aap ki biwi kay intezaam o insaram se mutasir huye beghair nahi rah skte, kuch itna hi saliqah mandi ka muzahirah karti hain. Hot khawateen sb se pehle apne shohar aur bachon ko chahti hain aur doosri tarjeeh in ka ghar hota hai, in khawateen ka ziadah waqt ghar ki tazaiyan o aaraish aur aarastah karne mein guzar ta hai, inhein is baat ka bhi kheyal rahta hai shohar aur bachon ko har cheez apni jagah par mile phir yeh keh inhein kitchen se bhi gehri dilchaspi hoti hai aur kabhi kabhi yeh khawateen aap ko bachon ko aisi dishes tiyar kar kay khelayein gi keh aap ungliyan chatte rah jayein gay, agar aap aik gharilu amoor e khana dari mein mahir khatoon chahte hain to phir hot khatoon se behtar koi doosri khatoon nahi ho sakti yun aap ki adawaji zindagi buhat hi khushgawar aur mazedar guzre gi. All About Virgo.

Sachs found that Pisces men most often marry and are least likely to divorce Scorpio women, and that they are less likely to marry Virgos and Libras. As for.

Virgo and Libra are very particular and both have a keen eye when it comes to reading others. If there's a hint of something special, it'll happen right away. A good start here is a short and non-committal meetup — a cocktail, coffee, or a place with lots to observe and comment on. Dipping your toe in, rather than committing to a long night, is the way to go.

Virgo Love Chart

Ah our sweet fish, Pisces, the visionary lovers of the zodiac. Virgos are impossibly hard workers with meticulous routines, often thrown into major anxiety when just one thing is off. Our Pisces, on the other hand, happily gives second chances and never assumes someone has bad intentions. Virgo sees how genuinely kind Pisces is and is touched.

Virgo Man and Gemini Woman Love Compatibility




Virgo Man and Pisces Woman



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